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Thandizani collaborates, supports and has Capacity Building Programmes with other NGOs/CBOs/FBOs in the Province. With growing organizational capacity, Thandizani has been able to successfully implement district support programmes since 2001 and was therefore appointed lead agency or direct implementing NGO.

Currently we are sub-granting Global Funds to smaller NGOs/CBOs and private sector as a lead agency on Easter Province on behalf of ZNAN (Zambian National Aids Network).


AIDS body release K4.2 bn: By Times Reporter

The Zambian National AIDS Network (ZNAN) has released about K4.2 billion from the Global Fund to 40 AIDS service organizations and appointed Thandizani of Lundazi district in Eastern Province as a lending agency.

On the appointment of Thandizani, ZNAN executive director Elizabeth Mataka said the agency became the first rural NGO in Zambia to take up the role.

Mrs Mataka said among the beneficiaries of the money were CHEP who received about K1 billion to provide care and support to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).

Mpongwe Development Company based on the Copperbelt had been given about K20 million, Mpandale Buseko Health Club K12 million, Women in Sustainable Development K18 million and Copperbelt University (CBU) K227 million.

In Northern Province Shiwang’andu Youth received K24 million, Chinsali Women’s Group K43 million, Natwezye Anti-Aids Club K46 million and LWACIDRA of Mansa has received K15 million.

Others include Lusaka-based  Traditional Healers Association of Zambia which received K235 million, Girl Gudies (K222 million) while Finance bank got K89 million for a workplace programme.

Mrs Mataka said the funding of the HIV/AIDS projects was an ongoing exercise by ZNAN and called on the beneficiaries to ensure that the funds allocated to various groups were put to good use.

She said the appointment of Thandizani was a clear demonstration of ZNAN’s commitment to work with both rural and urban AIDS service organizations so that financial and material resources required to fight HIV/AIDS were equitably distributed.

“Thandizani becomes the first rural NGO in Zambia to be appointed as a leading agency and has been granted about K697,408,800 for sub-granting to smaller community based-organizations (CBOs) on behalf of ZNAN.” she said.

She said as a leading agency, Thandizani would also monitor the implementation of HIV/AIDS intervention programmes by NGOs and CBOs in Eastern Province.

And speaking at the same function, Thandizani chairperson Geoffrey Chikunjiko commended ZNAN for supporting their community-based HIV/AIDS care programmes and pledged that it would ensure that the funds and equipment were put to good use.
























Thandizani Community Based HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care, Lundazi - Zambia

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