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Life for 14 year old Zondiwe has not been easy. Full of uncertainty was all the life Zondiwe knew ever since his mother and father died. Food insecurity, cold nights, and poor shelter were the major challenges of Zondiwe who lives with his grandmother.

What they called their home was an old wrecked two roomed apartment. All you could see inside was a set of clay pots, pieces of clothes and a reed mat. Each morning he woke up, the little boy did not know what to expect.

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Mchereka Community Care group (one of Thandizani’s Affiliated Care Groups) through our Child Support Program, identified Zondiwe with the other children. Zondiwe and his friends began to attend the health education and focus group discussions conducted by Mchereka specifically for OVCs. The health education focuses on HIV/AID, STIs and reproductive health issues while the discussions are used as a platform for the OVCs to discuss cross cutting issues of life i.e. behaviors, conduct, perceptions, attitudes.

Over a period of a year and a couple of months, the support through Mchereka Community Care Group has yielded good results in the lives of the OVCs.

 Thandizani Community HIV/AIDS Program, Lundazi - Zambia

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