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Thandizani CBPC Organization is a non-profit organization. Mr Geoffrey Chikunjiko is the Executive Director. The Management Team consists of 3 people, the Executive Director; Administrative Manager and Head of Accounts. Thandizani has 25 staff members plus a number of counselors and community workers working as volunteers. Thandizani CBPC - in partnership with VSO - has received 4 international volunteers for capacity building within the organization. These volunteers will work with Thandizani for a period of 2 years. The organization is administered by the Comforter Ministries Board. There is a Management Board that meets twice a year.

Thandizani is currently undergoing an organizational development process. A new organizational structure with trained Management and Staff will lead to a more effectively run organization. Thandizani has been appointed by their partners and other organizations to collaborate and implement new programs in the Eastern Province. In addition there has also been demand from the communities to scale up the HIV/AIDS activities. A professional efficient Management Team and Staff with Procedures and Systems in place will result in Thandizani being in a position to meet these expectations and demands efficiently and effectively.

The Thandizani Organization structure as it operates at the moment is below. A new structure will be put in place after the completion of the reorganization.

The Vision and Strategic Direction of Thandizani is determined by the Board of Directors

Serving members of the board for 2006 were:

  • Pastor Lazarous Hara - Board Chairperson Head of Dept. Lundazi High School
  • Geoffrey Chikunjiko - Secretary (Executive Director)
  • Dr Allan Chisenga - District Director of Health
  • Mr Derick Sikazwe - Lundazi District Council Secretary
  • Elizabeth Nthani - Church Board - Secondary School Teacher
  • Florence Ngosa - Church Board - Primary School Teacher
  • Hellen Manda - Church Board - House wife (Grade 12)
  • Mark Nkhata - Community Representative - Peasant farmer
  • Martin Mvula - Community Representative - Pastor
  • The organization is headed by an Evangelical church called Comforter Ministries Church board. For the purpose of transparency the board has appointed Heads of Institutions and Community Care Group representatives to form a Board of Directors for the Thandizani Community Based Prevention and Care NGO.

    Each year the Church board assesses the performance of the appointed members and retains or appoints others.

    Thandizani Community Based HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care, Lundazi - Zambia


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