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Since the start in 1999 Thandizani has grown to be the biggest NGO in the Lundazi District. Starting with offering technical assistance to the affiliated Community Care Groups, the number of these groups has grown from 35 to over 100 from 1999 to 2005 and is still increasing.

Thandizani has been a pioneer in mobile VCT services, one of the great successes and break through programs. With this program Thandizani is ahead of the country when it comes to the positive attitude within the communities towards HIV and to be open about their status. It is therefore often used as an example by other organizations in Zambia. Mobile VCT works as follows:

The Community Care Group put in a request for Thandizani to visit their village

The CCG mobilize their community

In a school or other public building the people will gather together

Thandizani staff will travel to the community and the Thandizani counselors will pre-counsel the whole group

After the explanation of HIV/AIDS related issues and VCT the people are invited to have their blood drawn

After this blood samples will be taken back for testing in the hospital

A second visit will be paid to the community with the results

Post-counseling is given to the people on an individual basis

Since 2001 Thandizani collaborates, supports and has Capacity Building Programmes with other NGOs/CBOs/FBOs in the Province. With growing organizational capacity Thandizani has been able to successfully implement district level support programmes to some NGOs/CBOs/FBOs and communities. Thandizani was therefore appointed lead agency or direct implementing NGO in the Eastern Province for the Global Funds. Currently we are sub-granting Global Funds to some 25-30 NGOs/CBOs quarterly in collaboration with ZNAN (Zambian National Aids Network).

Thandizani has won 23rd Annual 2002 Telly Awards in an international competition held in the USA. The NGO came out the best in production for community initiatives.

Thandizani Community Based HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care, Lundazi - Zambia


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