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 ď... there was stigma and discrimination in my family ... Thandizani is the remedyĒ says a volunteer at Lundazi Network of Zambian People Living With HIV and AIDS (NZP+). Ms Jane Sakala.

Ms Jane Sakala is 47 years old with a 20 year old child and is a volunteer at Lundazi Netowrk of Zambian People Living With HIV and AIDS (NZP+) chapter. Ms Jane Sakala is a happy positive living woman who has expressed her support for the accessibility of ARVs to rural community members with technical assistance from Thandizani.

ďYes, there was a lot of stigma and discrimination, especially in my family. Thandizani is the remedy because when I was tested HIV/AIDS positive, the family did not want me to disclose my status to my extended family members and the community. I wanted to tell everybody so that they would know my status and support me; I felt it was important for me. According to my family, before Thandizani help, it was just disgracing the family members that I was HIV/AIDS Positive. By then, I was feeling very sick, I needed their help which they could not render because my CD4 count was less than 200. I was on the verge of death before taking the ARVs but now Iím doing fine, thanks to Thandizani. When starting the ARVs my weight was 71 Kgs and now its 84 Kgs. At first I was feeling some side effects such as dizziness, swollen legs, headaches and nausea. Bu now, Iíve taken ARVs for 3 years Iím used to them. I usually take them at 09:00 hours and 21í;00 hours every day after eating food and all side effects have gone. Now my CD4 count has risen to 700. There is a lot of change through community sensitization and workshops. THANDIZANI is helping us a lot; they are doing noble work by supporting the Positive Living People.

Iím finally appealing for more financial support so that the Community members should not die of HIV/AIDS or TB.


Thandizani Community HIV/AIDS Program, Lundazi - Zambia

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